But WHY quantum medicine?
My brief answer is clinical.
Catalysts/enzymes are critical for all (or most) processes.
Extremely small enzymatic dysfunctions may have more or less, but always influence health development.

It may (!) be of decisive extreme importance in some diseases/dysfunctions! This we have understood for many years before we began to understand quantum physics at all, before the quantum physics started … also, probably all evolution of life is dependent on functional ”quantum behaviors”, which means that probably all cultures during thousands of years have developed health promoting behaviors where quantum played a decisive role … so the start of human understanding quantum behaviors is very new and still very limited understood BUT it has existed since at least the start of evolution of life or even very loooong before …

Which may be of humble respecting about other cultures in medicine development during thousands of years … very much of importance  for us in the western high technological medicine to consider and investigate with ”new eyes” … I believe we have quite a lot to learn . also how to meet with ”patients as reasonable competent educated (by us in groups) recourses and coworkers in own rehab” (from ny dissertation manual – other name during the dissertation ”to pass” – based on George Kelly’s work, especially Personal Construct Theory, 1955) my one work last 4o years in psychophysiological behavioral medicine trying to integrate eastern and wester medicine …  still after 80 processing ..

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