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It’s Time to Go Quantum in Medicin 

Recent advances in quantum dots photocatalysts
”..Due to the unique properties (quantum confinement effect, visible light absorption, abundant surface active sites, multiexciton effect) [18], [19], [20], [21]. This makes QDs one of the most attractive materials available, to be widely used in the fields of catalysis, sensing, imaging, and medicine. Because the quantum confinement effect endows the QDs with sufficient driving force for proton reduction [22], therefore, up to now, many quantum dots have been reported in the field of photocatalysis to split water for hydrogen production, reduce CO2, and degrade organic pollutants”


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The radical pair mechanism has been proposed for quantum magnetoreception in birds. It takes place in cryptochrome molecules in cells in the birds’ retinas.[95]

DNA mutation

DNA acts as the instructions for making proteins throughout the body. It consists of 4 nucleotides: guanine, thymine, cytosine, and adenine.[104] The order of these nucleotides gives the ”recipe” for the different proteins.

Whenever a cell reproduces, it must copy these strands of DNA. However, sometimes throughout the process of copying the strand of DNA a mutation, or an error in the DNA code, can occur. A theory for the reasoning behind DNA mutation is explained in the Lowdin DNA mutation model.[105] In this model, a nucleotide may spontaneously change its form through a process of quantum tunneling.[106][107] Because of this, the changed nucleotide will lose its ability to pair with its original base pair and consequently changing the structure and order of the DNA strand.

Exposure to ultraviolet lights and other types of radiation can cause DNA mutation and damage. The radiations also can modify the bonds along the DNA strand in the pyrimidines and cause them to bond with themselves creating a dimer.[108]

In many prokaryotes and plants, these bonds are repaired to their original form by a DNA repair enzyme photolyase. As its prefix implies, photolyase is reliant on light in order to repair the strand. Photolyase works with its cofactor FADH, flavin adenine dinucleotide, while repairing the DNA. Photolyase is excited by visible light and transfers an electron to the cofactor FADH-. FADH- now in the possession of an extra electron gives the electron to the dimer to break the bond and repair the DNA. This transfer of the electron is done through the tunneling of the electron from the FADH to the dimer. Although the range of the tunneling is much larger than feasible in a vacuum, the tunneling in this scenario is said to be “superexchange-mediated tunneling,” and is possible due to the protein’s ability to boost the tunneling rates of the electron.[105],the%20classical%20laws%20of%20physics.