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No sh*** Sherlock 😊

I wrote;  Bo von Scheele Great thank you Antonio for the link, critical important evolutionary based “Normal gut microbiota modulates brain development and behavior”. A sound revolution approaching not only within ADHD fields … We have understood the importance of second messenger and G-protein for long but not as close as nowadays – very clearly we need to associated but-brain axis also into clinical psychology/psychiatry. 20 years ago, as I presented (see https://www.boaim2.se/material/facebook-communications/) some interesting data in San Diego was also (only in my talk) secund messenger and G-protein was included when understanding the importance of magnesium where G-protein functioned as a door opener into through the cell membrane … in this case burned-outs focus.

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I can add (here afterwards) that we measured also electrolytes, where especially magnesium was of particular interests! At that time we used also diet a on of the tools in our toolbox, but now we can use a more effective diet adding also consideration for GABA including as well as Gut-Brain Axes …
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