Evolutional perspective on placebo-nocebo

The assumed forces which placebo and nocebo represent may be based on the process of evolution directly or a not “intended” consequence of synergy effect of interplay between evolved systems/functions … As we assume that the processes are mainly not conscious although we attribute placebo/nocebo to expectation of an organism (later about how early such a process may be emerged), preferably in humans, which is what we need to not only try to explore but also exploit, while, if we can reveal how to construe a placebo tool (to be promoted before any external interventions) as well as a nocebo tool (to be demoted), we would probably develop an “all winner” beyond what we today in our best desires can think of! I mean tools which can be tailored according to each individual´s wherewithal/preferences/conditions … Impossible? Maybe, but it is not impossible to vastly invest in focused om evolutionary biopsychosocial systems integrating efforts!

Thus, placebo and nocebo, regarded as multifaceted and therefore not even regarded as options of such forces (and not subjected to such at all and therefore not of placebo interests), could also to some part be thought of as placebo as a down regelation of nocebo ”expressions” and vide verse. Out f such a perspective we can assume that such dynamic synergies are always at ”finetuned” work in the extremely complex biopsychosocial medicine symphony orchestra performing at the individual´s life stage.

Below I will move on in line with the above …

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