TMJ pictures including connections between TMJ and ear – tinnitus …

At the link the above is also with open mouth

Compare the above picture (at best with close and open mouth) with the below

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The oto-mandibular ligaments are the discomalleolar ligament (DML), which arises from the malleus (one of the ossicles of the middle ear) and runs to the medial retrodiscal tissue of the TMJ, and the anterior malleolar ligament (AML), which arises from the malleus and connects with the lingula of the mandible via the sphenomandibular ligament[9][10]. The oto-mandibular ligaments may be implicated in tinnitus associated with TMD. A positive correlation has been found between tinnitus and ipsilateral TMJ disorder[11][12]. It has been proposed that a TMJ disorder may stretch the DML and AML, thereby affecting middle ear structure equilibrium[13][14][15][16]. “It thus seems that otic symptoms (tinnitus, otalgia (ear pain), dizziness and hypoacusis) corresponding to altered ossicular spatial relationships (such as conductive middle ear pathologies) can also be produced from masticatory system pathologies.” [17]

Can TMJ Cause Tinnitus?
The short answer to this question is, yes! TMJ can cause tinnitus. The TMJ is located just in front of the ear and share some nerve supply with ear. Inflammation and pain in the TMJ may alter the ear structure and the hearing perception causing abnormal sound hearing that does not exist. TMJ disc dysfunction may also cause clicking or crunchy sound that you and other people around you can hear

An interesting fact is that ear ringing may be the only TMJ symptom you have. The good news is that TMJ tinnitus is treatable and will go away following proper TMJ treatment. However, studies found that patients with TMJ disorders are 3 times more likely to have ear ringing. On the other hand, people with TMJ headache are 6 times more likely to experience tinnitus.

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