Quantum Medicine

Restarting Quantum Medicine (from previous website moved here)

2024-> The intention is to try to explain both Quantum basics, and its special applications in Medicine via Quantum Biologist and some special projects that may be further developed into treatment methods, especially of a multidisciplinary nature. MB that most of us work out of very limited understanding(knowledge but there are different way to go ahead. My idea is to try to gradually integrate ”quantum behaviors thinking” in integrated psychophysiology (my field) out of different ways. Psychophysiology in it self is based on two superior disciplines which are based on limited knowledge, so how can this be possible at all? Impossible? Maybe? but we need to try to work also backwards in more than one sense. But be careful, this website is mainly documenting how I myself, try to understand basics … where tunneling in eg. enzymes play a critical role. But we are so far, far from correlational studies with quantum behavioral and psychophysiological parameters! BUt when this is actual we will start with a priori predicted randomized pooled single case design.

A few challenging images/thoughts/ideas – before proceeding 

2-Placebo-nocebo – quantum coherence – decoherence

NB that the word quantum is increasing misused by profit people to motivated their ideas without really know about quantum … physics/chemistry/biology BUT on the other hand there are serious ones also in the long history of homosapiens, which has probably used ”quantum behaviors” without knowing it, while …  while first now we begin to understand the importance and extremely complexity of ”quantum behaviors” … read more at https://www.boaim2.se/qm/qm/quantum-medicine-2024/

Probably quantum integrated in medicine will be a revolution, if we are all careful at all levels! Especially increase scientific power and methodology (e.g. reliability and different validations and especially design starting at (subject pooled) ideographic levels moving up to normative) More subtabs are coming about this ….

Old -> So far, https://quantummedicine.website/ is still there but will be moved over to this website (if possible) under an ”old” sub-tab