Placebo Strategies and Occam´s Razor – more or less – including Quantum Behaviors?

As usual I warn the reader: The below may be very untraditional and perhaps for some “”percussive” (which is NOT my intension). What I means is that the below is resting on my paradigm which is based on very many different disciplines paradigm (see e.g. Paradigm | Biopsychosocial Medicine and below tabs) suggest also read the beginning of

“Occam’s razor is a principle of theory construction or evaluation according to which, other things equal, explanations that posit fewer entities, or fewer kinds of entities, are to be preferred to explanations that posit more” – or known also as “Ocham’s razor (Latin: novacula Occami), also known as the principle of parsimony or the law of parsimony (Latin: lex parsimoniae)” –

Main question in this discussion is “Can Occam´s razor be used in the same but quite otherwise context”- a clinical one – concerning compression of very many integrated complex behavioral integrated multifaceted tools?

When I publish meeting papers last 40 years, I try to express main content in just one sentence. Also, I try to express myself as much as possible spatial and verbal integrated.

Why? While it is good for me, while I need to work hard to make it in one sentence – if not always very simple. Also, I want to put the reader on the trace right the way enabling to find the first sign of a red tread. Perhaps also as a challenge? Furthermore; elaborate/expressions at both spatial and verbal (if possible) enables a deeper understanding/insight/comprehension/perspective as well as may facilitate form memory

Inspired by the work of George Kelly (Personal Construct Theory), Johnjoe McFaden and Jim Khalili (Quantum physics/Biology) as well as many others in other fields) I believe I find last years slowly a way to express the Occam,s Razor out of a evolutionary perspective. Based on Triune Brain Theory (  – ) and Dual Code (, Internalization ( and some more approaches/thinking suggesting that our way of thinking is, in spite of not well understand of any of us, not only based on an interaction of spatial (Limbic code) and verbal (human brain) code but also include reptilian brain (out of Triune Brain Theory) which requires a way of reasoning not just based on rational elaborations/reasoning. Not new, indeed, while many important discovery emerge not only from mistake but also from images/dreams/… something we do not learn during our education, academic or not (an example on prominent scientist without any academic education Carl Wilhem Scheele, but there are many (e.g. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world

Now to the point; I have since long worked with hypnosis out of somewhat other definition, simply a way to externally internalize into individual communicating directly with older part of the brain (also not new), but do it via self-hypnosis using known superior construct clusters that are included into the hypnosis multifaceted strategy. This enables us to via operational conditioning (of limbic constructs) strengthen by traditional exercise (where more strategies are integrated as e.g. eye-trigger used in hypnosis) where especially important is to construe a mantra-like metaphor-like expression which for the user compromise and encompass a Occam´s Razor. Always using (separately well-trained) breathing strategy at best documented in psychophysiological data. This makes the breathing to a interface behaviors which is both during conscious and not conscious control – proposed to be interfacing verbalizations and spatializations!

More, the above can then be directed to “work” according a focused placebo-exercise plan or in “just” in general, which may open up for not conscious limbic direction of the “work”. It may even be contra productive to consciously focus – principally as measure quantum processes – Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle (

… more coming here

More, I use to the above slow relaxed movements (e.g. building on the turtle, in Qui Kung) or slow jogging …

Examples; a tortured victim says; “My torturer are now not so aggressive any more in my dreams” after using parts (!) of the above (from late 1990-ties, project at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden). He had exercised multifaceted strategies based on in and exhalation so well that he also did it during his sleep (assumed from own observations of changes of complex PTSD initiated – behaviorally documented – from my first year of life)

One own example:
1. I had very intense constructive experience at age of 5 in the church. As usual I did not listen to the words of the priest but to the emotional expressions. At one occasion I was (later believed that I) entering a hypnotic-like state and a “safe light” emerged (as I now understand was connected with “my God) within myself and I felt very “safe” (in spite of a complex PTSD initiated during first year). I have this very emotional “safe place” feeling just now also when I write.

2. Following the concept of “state dependent earning” (somewhat other expressed/defend), namely recalling a known positive (Limbic operational conditioning recalling/triggering) to get a platform for hypnosis-like adjunct well-trained trigger cluster strategies with the goal that (a) based on the “Limbic God Memory Construct” (do not discuss details within the Limbic system, which we do not understand quite well), (b) exercise well-trained personal documented effective breathing strategy and (c) upon those (a + b) “place” the adjunct strategies at parts- or the whole breathing cycle with the goal to by training intervene them gradually approach an automatic behavioral level enabling also this tailored “coherent” behavior to work also during sleep. As I already have practice breathing many years and last 10 years observe when I wake up my breathing is very calm – surprising me while hyperventilate most years of my life.

3. Now to our fried Occam and his Razor; compromising this complex strategy I form a mantra-like “My Limbic God Construct create love, energy, peace, calm and safety” (first part on inhalation and second on exhalation (following the Respiratory Sinus Arrythmia (RSA) oscillation of our dynamic autonomic nervous system enabling collecting psychophysiological data from my laboratory (measure also etCo2, SpO2 and some more). What about the adjunct strategies? See (old text which will be updated at) Powerful effect of individual´s activated memory | Biopsychosocial Medicine (where I see that smell is not written about there – very important with the smell – personal favored indicate connection with memory identified or not (

Can add: Since age 13th (playing pipe organ during services), I do not believe in any external God. The above is about an internal internalized/creation of a memory Limbic Construct of God/Divine Being) independent of any external, which we do not know any of us, leaving this to those interested as a personal issue.

More … especially practical strategies – while they are actually not very hard to understand but requires patience to exercise very long – …

But what about Occam´s Razor? Can this principle be used when many integrated synergy interacting strategies condensed into a single behavior, e.g. a well exercised (including into automatic Limbic functioning) breathing which has functioned as an platform for multifaceted Limbic operational conditioning? That is, a simplification compromising effects of all strategies together. IF well practiced it can be automatic functioning during sleep (see above examples). Research? Due to methodological problems not yet, if requested following a reductionistic scientific approach/paradigm – which is not applicable in individuals in clinical settings. But there is methodological ways, e.g. IBED, a single (two patient!) case a priori predicted matched pairs in best alternative design – can also be done using e.g. Kazdins single case design (approaches).

But even more complex?

Nocebo is the opposite to placebo. Can be understood also as including biopsychosocial cultural symptoms. This means also that symptoms can increase in principle in the same way as placebo – can be assumed as be a dynamic process with different (dysfunctions which are influenced in both directions dependent on presence and absence of constructive and destructive “components”. As e.g.  placebo promoting strategies as discussed above and at the same time destructive food intake promoting nocebo processes (biolo0gically as well as mentally).


Dynamic placebo-nocebo processes which is assumed to vary in a varying way between and within individuals over time may even (!) valid for postparandial effects

Basic and phasic processes relating to long term and short term process where e.g. postprandial inflammation (PPI) are temporary impact effects of destructive content in the food you ate (0-3-5 hours after the meal). Each PPI affects step by step destructive not constructive basic development given processes dominates! However, we can adapt to PPI as we do not notice the small destructive development processes (which may be eclipsed by a positive psychological attitude in General and/or specific, something which should not give rise to less favorable conscious attitude but well be a must that we can take into account through various measures — more at another place – where?)

More info about my not very common clinical approach biopsychosocial medicine toolbox including a ”prototypical problem solver approach”  is describe e.g. at HELLA, not just to be considered in Medicine? | Cultural Medicine

Just a minute, what about quantum biology then – does it fit into some of the above?
Maybe. Text coming