Not only skills before pills but also “do not suggest pills as “treatment” of symptoms without carefully examinations to identify (if possible) dysfunctions causing the symptoms” – 0r?

Some issues in medicine seem to be impossible to address, while those who do not whish any changes, will not read or, if observe, ignore those issues by a lot of reasons; it will be too heavy to even think about changes … paradigmatically and practically (some do not even understand that we do not has absolute knowledge and paradigm is not needed) but perhaps more often it “afraid” of practically do changes due to lack of time – or?

One of the most important (according to my paradigm) is “health care systems should not obey pharmacological medicine paradigm and “treat” with pills before each patient (!) is examined also if the symptom seems obvious/apparent while in most cases there may be keep back/hiding/masking/ others. But moreover, to “treat” symptoms without medical biopsychosocial examinations may successfully keeping down symptom my also let the causes in peace further be developed without any warning signals, which is what most symptoms represent?

If I am not completely wrong many (?) patients are “treated with pills” based on no examination worth the name and also not very qualified guesses and predicts?

If above discussing text is something to try to change, the huge question is “HOW” on (still) earth can this med even paid attention to in the first place?  Given that there also is a structural suggestion who to day (often carried out) health care personal can step by step modify their present  way of working?

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